October 2017 Nadine West Review

Nadine West is a fashion subscription box that costs $9.78 per month for shipping. They send 4-5 items a month and the cost of shipping is applied to anything you choose to keep. Read my page about it here to learn more about how it works.


Here’s what I got this month:

All You Need is Love – $17.49
Brand: Zenana Outfitters

I do not like clothing with things written on it. I don’t really wear t-shirts either. Overall, this is a complete miss for me.

Verdict: Sending it back

HiLoSkirtHi Lo – $14.99
Brand: Zenana Outfitters

I do actually like this skirt, but I have lots of skirts that I don’t really wear. I don’t need another thing collecting dust in my closet. It’s also a little long, so if I ever did wear it, I would probably spend the day tripping over the hem.


Verdict: Sending it back

Chained to the Rhythm – $14.99
Brand: Zenana Outfitters

I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a dress or a top. The website says it’s a top, but the shipping slip says it’s a dress. I’m not a fan either way.

Verdict: Sending it back


Dali’s Bow Dangles – $10.99

I think these are really ugly. I’m sure they’re somebody’s style, but to me they just look like someone decided fencing twisted into a bow is a cute look. It’s not.

Verdict: Sending them back

Dali’s Bow – $19.99Necklace

This is the necklace that matches the earrings above. It’s still ugly.

Verdict: Sending it back

This month is a complete miss overall. I only like one of the five items, but not enough to keep it. I like to give subscription boxes a few chances because people can’t get it right every time, but if I keep getting things I don’t like for two or three months in a row, I cancel.

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