A Trip to Prague and Budapest: Day 9

My dad and I are on a Rick Steves Tour in Prague and Budapest. Today is our last day of the tour.

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This morning we met in the lobby and went to the Hungarian State Opera House, which is right next to our hotel.


The Opera House is super pretty. The chandelier in the theatre is really cool, but it must have been terrifying when the lights were gas. Our guide told us that much of the Opera House is made of wood, so it’s amazing it never burned down before electric lights were installed.

The wallpaper in the Opera House was my favorite. Almost all of the materials the Opera House is made from are from Hungary, but some things are a bit of a stretch to call Hungarian. Our guide told us that some types of wood used can’t be found in Hungary, but came from other parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so the Hungarians decided it was fine to call them Hungarian goods.

After the Opera House, we went to Heroes’ Square and saw the statues of many famous Hungarians.

Then we stopped at the adorable Gundel cafe for coffee and crepes. In Prague and Budapest both they have things that locals tell us are pancakes, but they are crepes. Before we left the cafe, I bought a box of chocolates for my mom.

The last stop on our tour was the Szechenyi Baths, which had really cool lights. Several people in our group stayed at the baths to get the full experience. I bought a swimsuit, but I decided to go shopping instead of going into the baths.

I didn’t find anything I liked when I was shopping, so I just ended up getting dad a Hungary Starbucks mug, since he spent the afternoon napping at the hotel.

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This evening we met for one last tour group dinner. We went to Urban Betyár, which was not far from our hotel. At the end of dinner we all exchanged email addresses so we can keep in touch and Peter gave us one final gift. Hungary had changed their currency to forints in 1946. The previous currency, pengő, was introduced in 1927 to replace the korona and was one of the worst currencies for hyperinflation ever. Peter gave us each a pengő bill to remember our trip to Budapest.

As we were leaving the restaurant, we walked through the gift shop and I found some earrings that were exactly what I was looking for earlier today.

Two of the women on our tour are on our 6:30am flight to Amsterdam, so we are getting a taxi to the airport with them at 4am tomorrow. Prague and Budapest have been fun and I’ve loved making new friends here. I’m already planning my next visit.


One last tour buddy selfie.

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