A Trip to Prague and Budapest: Day 6

My dad and I are on a Rick Steves Tour in Prague and Budapest. This is our fourth day of the tour and our sixth day in Prague.

You can find all my previous posts about this trip here.


This morning we did a communist tour of Prague, where we walked around and learned about what life was like under communist rule.

We learned a lot about the Velvet Revolution in 1989. The hands of this sculpture represent the hands of the students who took part in one of the first protests against the communist government.

Martin, our Czech guide, took us to Wenceslas Square and told us about the day thousands of people flooded the square and shook their keys in protest.

We also saw several sculptures by David Černy, including the moving head of Kafka and King Wenceslas on an upside down horse. I like the detail of the horse’s tongue sticking out.

Dad and I went to the Choco Cafe, which had been recommended by his friends yesterday. He got hot chocolate with whipped cream and I got hot chocolate with sea salt along with quiches and elderberry lemonades. Dad didn’t like the lemonade and wished he had gotten a raspberry lemonade instead. I love elderflower and elderberry flavored things, so I liked it. The hot chocolate was more of a liquid bar of chocolate than a drink. It was good, but it was way too much chocolate.

We finished getting souvenirs, then went to change our money to Hungarian forints since this is our last day in the Czech Republic.

In the evening we went to the Smetana Museum and had an opera concert given by the soprano Yukiko Kinio, the baritone Vratislav Križ, and the pianist Petr Smetáček. The last song they sang was Papageno and Yukiko Kinio’s son, Matej, played Papageno at the end.

Find all my posts from this trip here.

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