A Trip to Prague and Budapest: Day 3

My dad and I are on a Rick Steves Tour in Prague and Budapest.

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This morning we walked south along the Vltava River. The buildings across the river were super pretty. We took a selfie with Prague Castle. My dad is learning to love selfies.




We also tried to get a selfie with the other buildings across the river, but it didn’t work out. Putting selfie filters on my dad is my new favorite thing, though.

I think this is either the Most Legií Bridge or the Jirásküv Most Bridge. I think Most may mean Bridge.

It was super windy out, so we found hats. No one in Prague wears hats, but we look cute in them.


We walked around the area by the Charles Bridge. The fence along the river is covered in love locks.

We went back to the area near the Klementinum to go to the tourist shops. They all sell crystal jewelry, but it’s super hard to find matching earrings in different colors. I managed to find a set that will work for me, my mom, my sister, and my brother’s girlfriend. I have no idea what to get my brothers. They are impossible to shop for.

At 4 we met for our orientation for the Rick Steves tour. Our guide is Peter, a Hungarian native. There are 26 people on the tour including us. There is one girl the same age as me and she is my tour buddy.

After the orientation, we did a walk through the Old Town. Since there are so many people, we all have walkie talkies and earbuds that only have the right earbud and Peter has a microphone, so he can talk to us as long as we aren’t very far away. This is convenient so he doesn’t have to yell for everybody to hear when he’s telling us about the things we’re seeing and also so he can give directions on where to turn to people who are a little behind the group.

Most of what he showed us were things we had learned about during our morning tour yesterday.

After the orientation to the Old Town, we crossed the Charles Bridge and had dinner at a historic restaurant. Two members of the Prague Castle Orchestra played and sang a variety of songs for us. A local at a nearby table must have been talking during the first songs because one of the men said something to him and he was quiet for the rest of the performance, but rolled his eyes each time they started a new song and looked relieved when they finished.

The meal ended with shots of an herbal alcohol in tiny wine glasses. It tasted a lot like mouthwash. There are several non-drinkers on our tour, so one gave me his drink. It wasn’t very strong, but I still didn’t need more than two.

After dinner we walked back across the Charles Bridge to our hotel. We talked with some of the people on our tour during the walk and I found out that we’re having dinner with some of dad’s friends who live in Prague tomorrow.

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Find all my posts from this trip here.

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